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Understand Independent Liquor Store Shoppers

We Help You Understand
and Target Beverage Alcohol Consumers

The independent alcohol retail market has lacked sophisticated data for decades. Our industry-leading consumer analytics platform illuminates the consumer’s buying behaviors when they are within arm’s reach of the bar, table or shelf to drive more revenues and gain loyalty from more satisfied customers.

We aggregate off-premise and on-premise consumer purchase information, along with third party data to provide robust analysis, insights, forecasting, and actionable insights.

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Understand and Target Beverage Alcohol Consumers

Alcohol Retailers

Large retail chains continue to dominate the beverage alcohol industry, putting immense pressure on independent owners to hold their ground and find new ways to compete. For independent owners to gain and maintain their market share, they need to understand what’s happening in their store and surrounding markets in order to drive new and existing customers back into the store more frequently.

The Problem: POS sales data and other platforms disintermediate you from the customers. Other approaches don’t truly retarget customers and drive them back into store and build bigger baskets.

The Solution: Our analytics dashboard provides retailers with in-store sales analytics, along with local market trends like product pricing, consumer behavior, basket adjacencies, and changes in product sales to capture new trends as they are first materializing. 3×3 offers retailers an entirely new way to view their business and compete on the highest level.

Independent Liquor Store Sales Data


Current data providers focus primarily on chain markets, which represent less than half of total sales in most markets. Often, specifically in urban environments, the only place consumers can buy alcohol are independent liquor stores.

The Problem: Suppliers are driving blind in the independent liquor markets. Billions of dollars are spent on promotions, sampling and advertising with unknown and unmeasurable impacts on sales and profit.

The Solution: Our retail analytics platform combines a customer-oriented view of offline buying patterns and product trends from all transactions at the independent liquor retailer along with customer demographic data, to understand the preferences and processes behind consumer purchases. 

Distributor Sales Data


At ground level, distributors are able to access sales data at scale. However, most of this data is aggregated through inventory and depletions with limited access to marketing and promotion results coming upstream.

The Problem: Distributors experience a gap in data from the moment the product leaves the warehouse to when it’s purchased by the customers. There is no line of sight into consumer behavior or product trends happening in their customers’ stores, restaurants and bars.

The Solution: Through our retail analytics platform, distributors can access real-time sales data so they can better track inventory and depletions and access critical retail account-level transaction data by location, brand, and volume. 3×3 Insights gives distributors an entirely new lens through which they can see how their regions and customers are truly performing.