Summer Trends Rundown: Beer, Wine and Spirits Microtrends No. 5 (5/15-6/15)

Welcome, friends, to our fifth microtrend report. This month, we're gearing up for summer trends with COCKTAILS, RUM and ORGANIC SELTZER. We assemble these mid-month reports to capture the buzziest industry happenings and process them into specific, product-focused trends. (Read earlier editions here.) As we start the summer, we're watching these three...  read more

2021 Summer Buying Patterns: Gifting Beer, Wine and Spirits

As we enter a second pandemic summer, new buying patterns are starting to emerge. Those patterns aren't necessarily showing up in the products they buy. People will still reach for warm weather staples like rosé, sour beers, Tequilas and hard seltzers. Instead, we're exploring the patterns around the purchases: the how and...  read more