Holiday Wish List: What All Liquor Retailers Want for 2018

January 11, 2018 In Latest News

The holidays are the most popular time for alcohol shopping. As consumers hunt for the right holiday drink selection, retailers need the best tools to track and engage these shoppers.

What’s on the holiday wish lists for independent liquor retailers? Here’s what you should hope for going into 2018.

  • Insightful Sales Analytics
    Imagine this: No more waiting on depletion reports from your POS system. Instead, let new technology bring you holiday retail insights of what’s happening in your store in near real-time. Plus, depletion reports don’t do much to help you understand your customers. New and insightful analytics will bring you actionable intel about your customers in order to optimize inventory and price in time to make a big difference.
  • Interactive Dashboard
    Want to see your sales data beyond volume? Enhancing the technology in your liquor store could bring you a centralized, digital home for all your insights. Explore simple visuals that illustrate lifts or drops in sales, or easily dive deep into specific products, categories or dates to ensure a rich understanding of what’s going on in your store.
  • Marketplace Snapshot
    Stop guessing what your customers will be buying that month, or where other stores are finding success. Stay competitive and current. Take advantage of tools an analytic tool like DataBar that give you real-time data on how products are moving on the local, regional or national scale.
  • Basket Analysis
    Going beyond depletions in 2018 also means understanding how products sell. Discover and analyze what is often bought together, which products build bigger baskets, which items bring in new customers and more. Act on your deeper understanding to improve revenues.
  • Personalized Customer Engagement
    Not all promotions should be created equally. Tailoring storewide promotions to your customers starts with understanding their behaviors. Do this with rich analytics that characterize individual shoppers rather than individual sales. In 2018, try adding customer engagement tools to optimize your marketing promotions.
  • Promotional Tracking
    With depletion data coming from the POS, there’s always a level of assumption between what is selling and what promotions are running. Can you ever truly measure how successful a promotion is solely based on sales numbers?
  • Year-Over-Year Measurement Report
    Tired of drawing your own Year-Over-Year (YOY) sales reports with basic POS data? Having a simple dashboard that records the data and draws it up for you would save time, money and energy. Add new technology in 2018 that can provide this simple snapshot without hours pouring over month-to-month numbers. With the Databar, there’s also no need to upgrade your POS system: the solution works with and enhances what you have.

In 2018, save energy and improve operations by investing holiday retail insights that can fulfill your wish list. DataBarTM brings actionable insights about everything from customer engagement, inventory management, and localized trends to you to help your store compete during the holiday season. As the new year kicks off, see how this technology can enhance your sales and operations in 2018.