Quenching Indie Alcohol Merchants’ Thirst For Data

May 9, 2018 In Latest News

3×3 Insights has been featured in a piece on PYMNTS.com summarizing an interview conducted last month with our Co-founder and Director of Product Marketing, Brad Davis: Quenching Indie Alcohol Merchants’ Thirst For Data.

In addition to talking about the future of the 3×3 Insights, Brad also touched on a number of important topics, including but not limited to:

– the absence, until now, of basket-level data for the independent beverage alcohol channel
– how 3×3 Insights can help independent liquor retailers better understand and engage their customers
– 3×3 DataBar, the first ever retail analytics platform designed exclusively for the independent channel
– the power of pairing transactional and 3rd-party data for understanding consumer behavior
– how to design a loyalty program for a digital and data-driven era
– the numerous competitive pressures facing independent liquor retailers

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