Onda Sparkling Tequila Grows Into New Markets with 3×3


Premium canned sparkling tequila brand Onda launched online in the summer of 2020. They called on 3×3 to help them grow into retail locations, starting in New York City.

Onda’s Challenge

In July 2020, Onda launched its first product — a ready-to-drink sparkling tequila — for direct-to-consumer purchase.

The brand wanted to try expanding into brick-and-mortar retail, but needed a way to measure success.

Traditional retail, unlike e-commerce, doesn’t come with built-in reporting that tracks attribution. The landscape can be vague and daunting for a new-to-market brand.

Onda’s Choice

Onda partnered with 3×3 to support, enhance and learn from retail sales. 

“3×3 was a key part of our roll-out and continued success in retail. In an industry where it’s difficult to judge the effectiveness of digital marketing, 3×3 provides sophisticated data and reporting that we can act on.”

Dexter Zimet, Operations and Growth Manager for Onda

The 3×3 Approach

3×3 built an audience of likely Onda shoppers in target locations using proprietary transaction data. Then, the company targeted those shoppers with digital ads that dynamically displayed the name and address of a nearby Onda retailer.

The nature of the approach gave Onda validation. They knew when someone went into a store included in their digital campaign and made a purchase. 

The Results

The stores included in the 3×3 digital campaign sold more product. The brand’s top two performing stores for the year were both 3×3 partners. The first sold 8.5 cases of Onda Sparkling Tequila per week. The second store — which was curbside pickup only — sold 6 cases per week despite the lack of in-store brand discovery.

Onda scaled their success, increasing ad spend with 3×3 by 700% and expanding distribution to stores across the Northeast.

Now, 3×3 is a valued piece of their marketing strategy, used to target high-intent customers and drive sales at top independent retail accounts.

“Whether you’re a burgeoning brand deciding how to spend your first marketing dollars or a mature company looking for a new angle, 3×3 will help you achieve measurable success.” 

– Dexter Zimet

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