Ep #8: Making the Most of the Holidays

November 27, 2018 In Retail Untapped

The holiday season is the most important time of year for liquor retailers. Sales and store traffic skyrocket as shoppers stock their shelves for all the family celebrations. That means there’s more money on the table, so preparation is key.

Take advantage of your store’s data, and these end-of-the-year tips, to build the ultimate holiday strategy:

It’s Not Too Late to Optimize: Having the right brands on your shelves can be the deciding customer experience factor for stressed shoppers looking for the perfect gift.

Supercharge your Seasonal Calendar: Use the holidays to inspire themed in-store events, and show your expertise by promoting products that pair well with festive meals.

Pick Promotional Winners: Take advantage of the holiday discount frenzy with carefully-selected promotions, which starts with understanding your most valuable customers and the items that drive the largest baskets.

Next time, we’ll give an exclusive 3×3 look into whiskey trends — one of 2018’s hottest products. Thanks for tuning in!