Digital Marketing Can Drive Sales in January

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In the beer, wine and spirits industry, January is drier than other months (especially December).

But the month isn’t a total wash for brand suppliers and producers.

January an important time for increasing visibility, building brand awareness and moving people from considering to purchasing. Many smaller brands need to find new ways to get discovered in 2021. This is especially true after a year riddled with a pandemic, economic instability and cultural unrest

Our take? January is the time to start working on new discovery and trial strategies. The entry point in 2021 is digital marketing.

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Why digital marketing?

Even with vaccinations underway, drinkers won’t be returning to tasting rooms, exploring liquor stores at leisure, or drinking at bars for a long time. Brands need to be present where people are spending their time: Online.

More importantly, brands have to be noticeable online. A website alone isn’t enough. Even an e-commerce site or a partnership with an online alcohol marketplace won’t cut it alone. Unless you’re regularly and actively directing people to those pages, they may never find your products.

Think about how people explore the internet. They start in specific places — on social media, reading the news, checking the weather — and then wander to other places based on interesting links, ads or content.

📌 The most successful brands complement this journey. They build enticing paths to guide the right customers to them.

Find your audience

Targeting is the first and most important step. Who do you want to reach? What types of people do you want to buy your products?

Think beyond basic demographics.
We found that psychographics and behaviors play a bigger role in finding the right customers.

For example, people who own their home might be more likely to buy one brand of light beer than people who don’t. Similar insights apply to income, educational background, marital or parental status, and beyond.

Localize for more direct traffic.
With the right type of buyer in mind, segment by geography. 3×3 marketing technology can direct audiences to specific local stores where they are likely to purchase.

Catch them online

There are two main tracks for digital marketing: programmatic and social media.

Programmatic Digital Marketing

Programmatic digital marketing helps sales in January

Defined: Automated systems use data and targeting parameters to place ads.

Pros: High efficiency. Precise targeting. Broad reach.

Cons: Automation presents a small risk.

Social Media Digital Marketing

Social media digital marketing helps sales in January

Defined: Platforms like Facebook and Instagram serve ads based on parameters set by the advertiser.

Pros: High visibility. Good demographic targeting. Feed integration.

Cons: Targeting beyond demographics is not robust.

Explore these options next month and through all of 2021. Both are effective at driving traffic, especially at the local level.

They can also be used together. Have an engaging presence on every channel to increase awareness. Then drive consideration and purchase over and over again.

We can help with digital marketing.

3×3 offers a really simple way to get started with digital marketing. Together, we’ll build a pathway to loyal customers and continued engagement.

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