3 Ways Data Can Transform Your Social Media Marketing

February 14, 2018 In Industry Trends

Social media marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed. If you want to have social media channels that engage and influence your audience, gathering and interpreting data is crucial. Data will capture customer purchase histories, and spot sales trends that can be used to market to your target audience effectively.

Don’t’ be afraid. Your retail point of sale (POS) system, and other data collection and reporting methods can tell who is buying what. When used correctly, this data can transform your social media marketing. Social media is an essential tool for building customer relationships and driving in-store sales.

Here are three ways data can transform your social media marketing:

1. Data Can Drive Targeted Social Media Campaigns

Once you have your in-store customer data, you can compare it to your social follower data. This marriage will tell you who your most valuable customers are.

Here is a good example: Let’s suppose that in-store customer data shows that in the summer months women are buying mostly white wine. An informal analysis of your Facebook posts reveals that your female customers respond positively to posts about popular wines.

You can use this information to launch a new social media campaign that highlights a new white wine every week of the summer. This tactic will target these high-value female customers. Running an in-store promotion or discount to encourage repeat visits from these customers is another great idea.

2. Data Can Tell You What Products To Promote On Social Media

If your in-store data shows that more customers are buying spirits over beer leading up to the Holiday season, you should consider promotions and discounts at this time of year. This data point should also inspire you to share entertaining content related to enjoying spirits during the Holiday season.

Sharing videos from manufacturers or sales teams centered around holiday occasion could prove useful, and I’m sure your local representative would be happy to share those with you.

3. Data Can Determine Who You Target on Social Media

If your in-store data reveals that most of your customers are baby boomers, you probably don’t need to rush into launching a SnapChat campaign.

According to DMN3, over 82% of Baby Boomers are on Facebook. If your Facebook follower demographics reveal that the majority of your followers are baby boomers, you will want to share content that baby boomers enjoy.

Baby Boomers take action on social media when posts are informational. Half of the boomers who use social networking sites visit a company website after seeing a post they consider informational. This leaves ample opportunity to educate this demographic on your products and services.

As you can see, data is a highly valuable tool when it comes to social media marketing. There is absolutely no reason to continue to post on social media blindly. Data will help you reveal the trends, people, and products you should be talking about.

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