Help Shoppers Discover Products They Love Using Data-informed Technology

It’s vital in the beer, wine and spirits industry to help shoppers discover products to buy that they will love.

Both brands and retailers need ways to find the right shoppers who will try and buy the right products.

For a while, discovery was an experience exclusive to in-store or on-premise interactions. The pandemic changed that by moving everything online, where it’s really difficult for a shopper to discover new products organically.

But the digital-first mindset isn’t going anywhere — so businesses need tech and tools to digitize discovery.

Data can help shoppers discover products

In the in-person discovery experience, a customer speaks with a retailer or brand ambassador at a store or a tasting. They share their likes and dislikes, their flavor preferences, their favorite products and target pricepoint.

Data can recreate that conversation in the digital world. It brings the expert product suggestion directly to the right person using marketing messages and targeting tactics.

Here’s how to approach data-informed product discovery:

Learn about your local shoppers

Who is buying your products? And who else should be?

With data, you can source multiple factors to build rich profiles of your current and ideal shoppers. On one level, look at attributes like age, income and ethnicity. See whether they are parents, own homes or live in urban areas.

Then, dig into purchasing patterns. What products do they buy together? How much do they spend? Do they buy competitive products to the ones you want to move? Or do their behaviors align with the products you’re promoting?

Even pull in their taste preferences. See what flavors they gravitate to and build unique recommendations that will pique their interest.

Craft messages that appeal to them

With this clear picture of who you’re talking to, you can create a message that speaks to them. Layer their shopping personas with industry trends, or to align with specific product you want to move.

Build messaging that incorporates the full experience of your product. Is it a rare wine that’s ideal for a cool fall evening? A spirit that makes a perfect happy hour cocktail? An RTD that can fuel a long weekend on the lake?

Deliver those messages to help them discover products

Then you have to get the message to the shopper. Find the right channel for your message, be it direct email or SMS for a loyal audience, social media for a passive audience or search for an active audience.

Your now-finely tailored content will go much further when it reaches the intended shopper than a general message to a lightly targeted audience might.

Data-informed technology helps shoppers discover products

When you know your audience inside and out, then build messaging and content around what you know, you’ll deliver meaningful and effective marketing that promotes product discovery.

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