Retail Untapped

The Athletic Brewing Revolution

"Pioneering a revolution in non-alcoholic craft beer."  That's the promise of Athletic Brewing Company, which has been at the forefront of the non-alcoholic craft beer space. The brewery, which is based in Stratford, CT, makes non-alcoholic craft beers using high-quality, all-natural and organic ingredients. It all started after founder Bill Shufelt started...  read more

Why Canned Spirits Are Here to Stay

What’s motivating today’s shoppers to reach for cans -- canned wine, canned spirits, canned cocktails? We dig into the perks of this packaging -- and the mindset of the consumer -- in our latest episode, featuring Long Drink co-founder, Sakari Manninen (part 2)....  read more

How The Long Drink Company is Shaking Up Spirits

“Long Drink" is its own category of top-selling booze in Finland.  Now, for the first time, Co-Founder Sakari Manninen and his team are canning this "grapefruit soda with a liquor kick" and bringing it to the States, where they’ve been met with huge success. We talk about what it takes...  read more

Ep. 32: Top-Selling White Wines Summer 2019

How to pack your white wine cooler -- a critical question for any retailer around this time of year, when the summer months spell an uptick in sales for chardonnay, pinot grigio, and other white wine varietals. We show you what’s trending this summer 2019 in the 3x3 retail network....  read more

Ep. 31: A Closer Look at the Seltzer Wave

Seltzer is no longer just a summer subcategory -- it’s become a year round staple. That means it’s time to start understanding how seltzer customers shop. We dig into sales for the top 4 brands in our latest episode....  read more

Ep. 30: How The Supreme Court Could Change Alcohol Sales

This summer, the Supreme Court could change the way beer, wine and spirits are sold across the country. We break down the details of the case - TWSRA v. Blair - and discuss the impact of 3 potential outcomes....  read more

Ep. 29: Ryan Maloney on Mezcal, Tech, and Tips for Retailers

Watch Ryan Maloney, owner of the award-winning Julio’s Liquor Store in Massachusetts and longtime 3x3 Retail Partner, talk us through his approach to Mezcal, and how he combines new tech with old school tricks....  read more

Ep. 28: Whiskey Expert, Ryan Maloney, on Trending Spirits

Julio’s Liquors in Westborough, MA is one of the most progressive independent liquor stores in the country - and one of 3x3 Insights’ earliest retail partners. We sit down with owner and industry expert, Ryan Maloney, to hear his insights on trending categories, retail strategies, and advice for other owners....  read more

Ep. 27: What Private Label Means for Independent Retailers

What are private labels and how do they differ from national brands? Why are big box stores investing in private labels? We answer these questions and more in the latest Retail Untapped....  read more