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Inputs and Outputs: Exploring Growth Marketing for Beer, Wine and Spirits Brands

There are so many ways for beer, wine and spirits brands to approach digital marketing. (We cover a lot of the basics in this report.) One way? Separate digital marketing tactics into two camps: Inputs and Outputs. What goes in vs. what comes out The outputs are what most of us think of...  read more

Onda Sparkling Tequila Grows Into New Markets with 3×3

CASE STUDY / Premium canned sparkling tequila brand Onda launched online in the summer of 2020. They called on 3x3 to help them grow into retail locations, starting in New York City. Onda's Challenge In July 2020, Onda launched its first product — a ready-to-drink sparkling tequila — for direct-to-consumer purchase. The...  read more

Beer, Wine and Spirits Trend Rundown: No. 3 (3/15-4/15)

Welcome to the third edition of our monthly trend rundown! Here, we look at how developing big-picture trends in beer, wine and spirits will play out over the next four weeks. (Read Jan-Feb and Feb-March editions on our blog.) The over-arching trend this month? Warm weather. As spring unfolds, we're expecting...  read more

The Low-Alcohol Drinker is Here to Stay. Here’s How (and Why) to Reach Them.

Beyond the self-fulfilling prophecy of Dry January, low-and-no-alcohol is seeping into the mainstream. People are dipping toes into non-alcoholic and low-alcohol products more and more. For businesses (like yours) in the beer, wine and spirits world, this new trend means yet another path to meeting a potential repeat customer. Let's dig in...  read more

The Future of Off-Premise Retail: 3×3 CEO Mike Provance at Bar Convent

Our own Mike Provance, PhD, jumped (virtually) into Bar Convent's Global Bar Week in October to discuss the future of beverage alcohol retail. The session was hosted by Park Street University's Emily Pennington. It also featured an on-premise discussion by Matthew Crompton of Neilsen. The panel discussion explored how both on-...  read more