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Trace a Product Trend from Hip Bar to Home Bar

The beer, wine and spirits industry is built on product trends. Brands build buzz around products using digital marketing and on-premise partnerships. Shoppers start to look for the products at their local liquor store. Local liquor stores increase their inventory of those buzzy products. From there, products become bar cart staples...  read more

First-party Marketing is the Future for Beer, Wine and Spirits Retailers

First-party data — or personal information collected by a business directly from customers — is the future of marketing. This shift spells even more change for beer, wine and spirits retailers who were thrust into digital hastily at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here, we'll share background on these digital...  read more

How Retailers Can Build a Thriving Local Presence to Future-proof Sales

In beer, wine and spirits sales, local matters. But going from liquor store on the corner to *the* neighborhood spot for bottles requires more than just a nearby address. It's about embracing a store's place in the independent channel. That high-value network of locally owned beer, wine and spirits stores across the...  read more

Summer Trends Rundown: Beer, Wine and Spirits Microtrends No. 5 (5/15-6/15)

Welcome, friends, to our fifth microtrend report. This month, we're gearing up for summer trends with COCKTAILS, RUM and ORGANIC SELTZER. We assemble these mid-month reports to capture the buzziest industry happenings and process them into specific, product-focused trends. (Read earlier editions here.) As we start the summer, we're watching these three...  read more

2021 Summer Buying Patterns: Gifting Beer, Wine and Spirits

As we enter a second pandemic summer, new buying patterns are starting to emerge. Those patterns aren't necessarily showing up in the products they buy. People will still reach for warm weather staples like rosé, sour beers, Tequilas and hard seltzers. Instead, we're exploring the patterns around the purchases: the how and...  read more

Inputs and Outputs: Exploring Growth Marketing for Beer, Wine and Spirits Brands

There are so many ways for beer, wine and spirits brands to approach digital marketing. (We cover a lot of the basics in this report.) One way? Separate digital marketing tactics into two camps: Inputs and Outputs. What goes in vs. what comes out The outputs are what most of us think of...  read more

Onda Sparkling Tequila Grows Into New Markets with 3×3

CASE STUDY / Premium canned sparkling tequila brand Onda launched online in the summer of 2020. They called on 3x3 to help them grow into retail locations, starting in New York City. Onda's Challenge In July 2020, Onda launched its first product — a ready-to-drink sparkling tequila — for direct-to-consumer purchase. The...  read more