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Our key to better futures? People like you.

‍The 3x3 team will always grind harder, push farther and fight longer than our competition. 

We will be known for being unwavering, unflagging and unflappable in the face of resistance and challenge.

We operate fluidly even while dispersed across the world. We engage and challenge each other to perform at our best: creatively launching new products, efficiently and effectively lifting up our clients, and persistently muscling to grow revenues. 

We hold each other accountable to our values and expectations for outcomes in everything we do together.

The 3x3 Way

We launched on January 1, 2018, on a code of four simple values:

Be partner-centric

Embrace diverse thinking that leads to new ideas and solutions.

Innovate intentionally

Deliver functional, useful, and meaningful solutions that people want.

Act with discipline

Commit to goal-oriented success and accountability across the entire company.

Act with integrity

Make the ethically right choice every time, especially when it is hard.

We are thoughtfully structured and uniquely dispersed

We want to build the best team for the job — not just the best team in one city.

3x3 is fully remote, with team members dispersed across the globe. Our lean and agile structure encourages cross-pollination between traditional teams.

In the end, wherever we are, we’re all working toward the same goal: happy partners and a thriving business.

3x3 insights is world wide

Supportive benefits

Quality care

Top-notch health (mental and physical), dental and vision benefits with deductible reimbursements for you and your family.

Unlimited PTO

Take time off when you need it — for vacations, staycations, volunteering, family time, whatever. We expect you to use at least 20 days a year.

Research- backed salary banding

Compensation for each role is set based on industry and market standards to be fair and competitive.

Remote enablement

$150 monthly credit to help pay for top-notch home internet and other home office expenses. We also provide you with a laptop or you can bring your own.


Build wealth by contributing to a 401k retirement account.

We built a hiring process that minimizes time waste

We put a lot of thought into our hiring and interviewing process. 

Here are some key points:

We build job descriptions using a Culture Index survey. 
A direct manager outlines the role, indicating things like how creative or technical, social or remote the position might be. Then, the candidate completes the survey to identify a baseline match.

After an initial call, we arrange 4-5 interviews in a block. 
This allows a candidate to meet a vital selection of managers, peers and direct reports. As often as possible, these interviews are compressed into half-days for efficiency.

Every conversation has a goal. 
Each person or team a candidate meets is given specific objectives to keep interviews fruitful, efficient and on track.

3x3 insights interview schedule
Here’s what your day might look like for a directorial role.
3x3 insights interview schedule
Here’s what your day might look like for a specialist role.


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