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Retail Insights for the Modern Day

New Technologies Impacting the Alcohol Industry

Retail as we know it is changing. The beverage alcohol industry, among many others, is seeing disruptions, from smartphone apps that provide convenience for shoppers to data-gathering devices that help retailers sell smarter. Online marketplaces like Amazon are changing things, too, in unprecedented ways. As Amazon expands into new categories—including grocery...  read more

Changing Liquor Retail Landscape

The way customers shop in your store is changing, creating tension points for liquor retailers. These days, consumers value convenience over loyalty, resulting in inconsistent foot traffic for your store. With the boom of easy, on-demand apps like Drizly and MiniBar, simple e-commerce websites, and unique tasting room and brewery...  read more

POS Systems: Not the Only Tech You Need

Implementing a Point of Sale (POS) system is the first step to better understanding and analyzing how inventory moves through your store. But it shouldn’t be the last -- there’s valuable and easily-gathered information that a basic POS system can’t offer. POS reports focus on sales volumes (depletions) rather than than...  read more

The Value of Darkness

For years, the beverage alcohol business has been defined by measurement that tracked the speed of products moving through the three-tier structure of importer or producers, distributors, and retailers. Innovation and product development remained more art than science. Inventories were gauged at each tier to determine which products were moving best...  read more