Beer, Wine and Spirits Microtrends No. 6 (6/15-7/15): Sessionable cocktails, RTDs, rosé

Summer is (almost officially) here, and this month’s microtrends are…not super shocking! We’re seeing buzz around sessionable cocktails, RTDs and rosé.

We assemble these mid-month reports to capture the buzziest industry happenings and process them into specific, product-focused trends. (Read earlier editions here.)

Here’s what June and July bring:

Trend 1: Sessionable cocktails

This summer = occasions, celebrations, generally a more upbeat attitude than last. All of that signals a string of drinking occasions. After a year of lockdowns, many people are continuing to enjoy cocktails but are looking for lower-alc versions.

This is an iteration on trends we’ve highlighted before: low-and-no-alcohol options and adjacencies + light spirits + mixing-quality liquors.

Heading into the heat of the summer, these three will rise together. We’re especially focused on light and mixing-quality rum (a summer-cocktail staple).

Trend 2: RTD domination

Recent data we gathered for our latest white paper showed canned cocktails growing at, frankly, an insane rate. The top-selling brand quadrupled volumes from 2019 to 2020, and nearly doubled again from 2020 to 2021.

Other stats show that RTDs were the only category to see growth last year. And with legislation (in New Jersey) proposing to slice taxes by more than $5/gallon, these canned options could become infinitely more accessible.

We are confident that canned cocktails will be the go-to portable option for drinkers this year, especially over holidays like July 4th and Labor Day.

Trend 3: Rosé, rosé, rosé, rosé

Another not-so-shocker: rosé (and its blush counterparts) will see a normal summer uptick. The lighter vino is a summer must-have.

This year, expect sales to focus on cans, bubbly rosé and (where it can) Prosecco DOC Rosé.

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See you back here in four weeks, when we’ll see what’s trending ahead of Labor Day and start OND predicitions.