Beer, Wine and Spirits Trend Rundown: No. 1 (1/15-2/15)

Happy New Year! Welcome to our first (ever, and of 2021) trend rundown.

Here, we’ll take a lens to developing trends and predict how they’ll play out over the next four weeks.

Trends are a valuable tool for forecasting sales and informing inventory. They can also help brands and retailers market more effectively to people in order to sell more product.

Use these data-informed trend predictions to build strong marketing in the mid-winter:

Trend 1: Low-and-No Adjacent Sales

Hate to belabor this point, but no-and-low alc options are vital for January success.

Some people are dabbling in sobriety this month after indulging in December. Other people are slowing down after…indulging in December. And some people are doing a little bit of both.

We found that some low-and-no alc products (like Gamay wines and Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirits) actually prompt significant adjacent sales. (Read more about that in last month’s report.)

It’s likely that those adjacent dollars are being spent on complementary products (like liqueurs and bitters) or other higher-alc bar-cart staples. So stocking low-and-no items might actually increase sales of higher-ABV options.

Trend 2: The Dry January Drop-Off

Then, there’s The Drop Off.

A recent survey noted that the average length of Dry January success is about 21 days. (In Chicago, they get to 24 days on average. In New York City, they barely make it to 19.)

Even those people who do make it through all 31 days might start prepping for their February reentry in the next couple of weeks.

That makes next week a pretty good time to pick up on marketing. Put your brand in front of people ready to throw in the towel or waiting until 2/1 to have a sip. (We can help you there.)

Trend 3: RTDs are the New Super Bowl Champs

Traditionally, football = beer.

That, of course, was before hard seltzer blew up the joint. Now, ready-to-drink options like hard everything (seltzer! tea! kombucha!) and canned cocktails are likely to take the cake.

Good news for emerging RTD brands and liquor retailers. Stock up on cans and other single-serve options for fans watching the big game.

Trend 4: Pandemic-Tinted Valentine’s Day

Just like everything during the past 12 months, Valentine’s Day might be a liiittle different than normal.

On one hand, couples that are celebrating will probably be at home. Retailers can push their go-to V-Day bottles without on-premise competition.

On the other, there may be fewer couples celebrating. We’re not experts in relationships, but quarantine put strain on a lot of people and made dating go virtual. Cue the single-serve bubblies!

Use these trends to plan strong and creative marketing for the next four weeks. Even better, tap us in to help your brand or store reach the best customers at the optimal time with the right experience.

See ya February 8 for round 2!