Beer, Wine and Spirits Trend Rundown: No. 2 (2/15-3/15)

Welcome to the second edition of our trends and microtrends rundown. (See last month’s post here.)

Here, we look at how developing big-picture trends in beer, wine and spirits will play out over the next four weeks.

Now that January is behind us, the trajectory is looking up.

This month, a few big trends that should take shape by mid-March:

Trend 1: Super-premium Mezcal

DISCUS data shows that spirits continued to grow and take share from beer and wine in 2020.

Two of the biggest growth drivers: Tequila and whiskey.

And while all spirits were on the ups, super-premiums led the way: They accounted for about 40% of the category’s total growth (!)

This trend should and these subcategories should stay big for most of the year. But for the next month, heading toward St. Patrick’s Day and the start of spring, we’re betting on high-end Mezcal.

The smoky agave spirit could benefit from the parallel popularity of Tequila and whiskey, and makes for a creative/trendy substitute for a smoky Scotch or single malt.

Trend 2: Lemonade Everything

The next big thing in hard seltzer is hard (seltzer) lemonade, which is pretty close to Mike’s Hard Lemonade, the precursor to White Claw. Right?

Anyway. The hard lemonade resurgence is upon us! Expect to see this trend ramping up over the next month as we head toward another socially distant spring.

The gravitation toward hard (seltzer) lemonade lines up perfectly with our next microtrend, as it puts FMBs closer to their premium canned cocktail counterparts. Read on for more on that.

Trend 3: Canned and Sparkling

With the football season (and its big beer boost) behind us, everything’s gonna start coming up sparkling and in cans.

Recently, the TTB approved smaller-format options for wine and cider, allowing them to release stronger varieties in 12oz cans. Essentially, this opens the door for them to compete more fervently with hard cider and premium canned cocktails.

We expect category lines to blur, now that beer, wine and spirits brands can release versions of similar products. (Think: Sparkling Tequila vs. Lime Hard Seltzer vs. White Wine Spritzer)

If ready-to-drink, canned, sparkling options are on your to-do list, now is the time to dig into innovation planning and strategy to enter this competitive cross-category space.

Use these trends to plan innovative marketing in a competitive time. Even better, tap us in to help you reach the best customers at the optimal time with the right experience.

Next round comes March 8!