Beer, Wine and Spirits Trend Rundown: No. 3 (3/15-4/15)

Welcome to the third edition of our monthly trend rundown!

Here, we look at how developing big-picture trends in beer, wine and spirits will play out over the next four weeks. (Read Jan-Feb and Feb-March editions on our blog.)

The over-arching trend this month? Warm weather. As spring unfolds, we’re expecting traction in:

1. Light Spirits

Low-and-no continues to be a fast-moving trend in the beverage alcohol space. For a while, many brands focused on the “no” side of the equation, creating non-alcoholic spirits, wines and beers.

Recently, we’ve started to see the “low” side for spirits begin to grow:

(Similar things are happening in wine, where company Cale has just introduced a 4.5% ABV Hibiscus Pinot Noir.)

We’re looking for more spirits brands to follow suit, creating a “light liquor” subcategory similar to what we’ve seen emerge in craft beer — especially as people continue to lighten up their cocktails so that they can indulge more often.

2. Prosecco Rosé

‘Tis the season for rosè, and this year, there’s a new sparkling variety.

Prosecco rosé was approved by the Italian government last year and is now entering the American market (albeit slowly because of the pandemic).

The variety hits a valuable trifecta: it’s sparkling, a rosé, and well-priced. We’ll watch the available products as we head into spring to see how drinkers take to them.

3. Canned Cocktail Hard Seltzers

The ready-to-drink space continues to evolve and explode. As makers jump into the space, there’s now one question to ask: make a canned cocktail or make a hard seltzer?

But why not both? In one? Bud Light Seltzer recently announced its “Out of Office” variety pack, which is filled with cocktail flavors (Watermelon Mojito, Classic Margarita, Mango Mai Tai, Strawberry Daiquiri).

There has also been a huge growth in Ranch Water-style hard seltzers (which mimic the Texas Topo Chico and Tequila mixed drink).

These hard seltzer brands are wisely capitalizing on the growth of canned cocktails — and the thin line that separate the two subcategories. (That thin line being whether brewed malt or pure spirit is inside.)

Our eyes are basically glued here this month, watching to see how these two categories interweave and drive growth together.

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See you back here in April! Next time, we’ll share a quarterly report card of how our predictions actually played out.