2018 Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference: Recap & Takeaways

June 8, 2018 In Latest News

Earlier this week, 3×3 Insights participated as a Gold-level sponsor and invited speaker at Beverage Dynamics’ 2nd Annual Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference in Denver, CO. We are pleased to report that it was an extremely fruitful and successful event!

This was a very exciting opportunity for us, as our CEO Mike Provance was also asked to speak on the subject of Off-Premise Data and Analytics and presented a talk called: “Will Robots Run The Corner Store? The Future of Analytics in Beverage Alcohol Retail.”

Before our session, the event kicked off with an extremely informative presentation by BevMo! CEO Dimitri Haloulos about the key areas of innovation and investment that are important for liquor retailers: technology infrastructure, customer loyalty and experience, and finally, data and analytics.

Dimitri gave some examples of how BevMo! is highly focused on customer experience (offering curbside pickup in select locations), improving loyalty programs—investing in their Club Card and clever ideas such as consulting directly with their best customers on the selection of a new collection of wines—and other exciting innovations like NAViiTM, an autonomous inventory-monitoring robot developed by Fellow Robotics. See below for a video of it alerting store employees what shelves need to be restocked and engaging with customers.

Following Dimitri’s talk, 3×3 Insights’ CEO Mike Provance led an engaging session about the past, present, and future of beverage alcohol retail. The technology and analytics focus has shifted from the depletions reports that reigned supreme in the past, to the present eCommerce service offerings and On-Demand Delivery options now available for liquor retailers, and will continue moving towards providing more personalized, enjoyable, and customer-centric shopping experiences.

Mike also painted a picture of what the liquor store of the future will look like: personalized pricing, dynamic displays driven by IoT and Augmented Reality, and customized shopping experiences powered by analytics and loyalty programs, similar to how eCommerce is today:

Imagine a future where interactive displays are personalized to the person standing in front of them, so instead of speaking to all your customers that walk in the door, when Mike Provance is standing in front of the display and he came in to buy store to buy whiskey, you have a display showing what new whiskeys you have in stock, and when one of your other customers comes in and is looking for California Red Wine, the displays switches over to their needs.

Some other highlights from the event:

See you all next year in Louisville, KY for BARC 2019!