3×3 Aims to ‘Shine Light’ on Independent Retail Data

April 19, 2018 In Latest News

We are excited to share that 3×3 Insights has been featured in a recent article by Brewbound editor Chris Furnari entitled “3×3 Insights Aims to ‘Shine Light’ on Independent Retail Data“!

The article serves as a great introduction to 3×3 Insights and what we’ve been up to. Our CEO Mike Provance talks about the things 3×3 Insights is trying to accomplish, such as helping all three tiers better understand the behaviors of the beverage alcohol consumer and providing insight into trends and patterns within the independent liquor segment.

Here’s one quote to give you a taste of the full article:

“The goal, CEO Mike Provance explained, is to provide both suppliers and retailers with data sets that can help inform new product development, brand management, and marketplace strategies. Retailers will have greater visibility into individual market data such as product pricing and category trends, Provance added.”

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