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3x3grow is a location-based data driven digital advertising and marketing platform for beer, wine, and spirits retailers. Targeting specific households and new customers within your market has never been easier.

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Many Ways to Target Your Customers

3x3 insights alcohol advertising to homes


We identify and target households within a 2 to 10-mile radius from your store of customers who are likely to purchase alcohol.

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Residential Buildings

Have a residential or commercial building close by. Let us target those nearby customers and bring them into your store or website.

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Local Competitors

Target other retailers or your competitor’s locations within a radius of your store and serve ads to their customers.

Key Benefits of 3x3grow

  • Bring in More New Customers
  • Retarget From Other Retailers
  • Scalable for Multiple Locations
  • Market Across Multiple Channels
  • Save Costs on Design & Management
  • Measure Traffic & Sales Results

Data Driven Alcohol Advertising

Campaigns Ready to Publish

Image, text, spend, and targeting all ready to go.

  • Looking for something different? Find new, recommended campaigns waiting for you every month.
  • Change your mind? 3x3grow is fully customizable – you can edit your campaign any time.
  • Not ready? You’re in control. Select campaigns and approve everything before publishing.
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Campaigns Backed by Data

We use data to publish campaigns at the right time.

  • Deliver relevant alcohol advertisements based on national and local trends.
  • Campaign menu tailored to meet your needs and future goals.
  • The more campaigns we run, the smarter they get.
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Target the Right Audience

Target customers based on the places they visit and the alcohol they purchase.

  • Deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time.
  • Target customers visiting specific locations like competitive stores for high traffic areas like shopping centers.
  • Attract new customers in your local area.
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Measure Campaign Performance

Use our campaign recaps to measure the impact for your store.

  • How many customers did you reach?
  • How many new customers shopped in-store or visited your site?
  • What was the impact to your store sales?
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Commonly Asked Questions

What is 3x3grow?

3x3grow is a marketing automation platform built to help liquor retailers drive new customers to their store. 3x3grow automates uses data and customer intelligence to deliver digital marketing campaigns that promote your store, promotions and tasting events for your store.

How often do you run campaigns?

Campaigns are run on a monthly basis. Retailers select what campaigns they want to run a month before launch. This provides retailers enough time to manage their store and order inventory for the campaign.

How do we develop campaigns for 3x3grow?

We suggest marketing campaigns based on the insights from the data and seasonal calendar. All campaigns include imagery, text, links, budgets, target audiences and publishing schedules where you can easily publish or dismiss. You’re in total control. Nothing gets published without your approval.

Can I run custom campaigns?

Thrive supports all types of custom campaigns. However, depending on the complexity, there could be additional fees associated with your campaign. To learn more about custom campaigns, schedule a call with one of our sales representatives. They will gladly address any questions you have.

Where does 3x3grow get its data?

We collect sales data from over 1500 liquor stores throughout the country, which allows us to know the who, what, when, and where of what is selling.  

By applying data science and over 25k attributes about your customers and store, we build you segments of customers to market to.  We know exactly who to target and what to target them with, based on the data. Running ad’s on the web and social media on your own do not give you the same targeting abilities as you get with Thrive.

Do you have case studies?

Yes, we do!  Click here to examples of campaigns we ran in the past.  We’ve removed the retailer logos from the campaigns to maintain their privacy.

How do we measure results?

We track marketing engagement by the customer and if that engagement brought them back into your store. If we market to your loyalty customers and they use their loyalty card or ID, we can identify their basket size, category and frequency from the campaign.

What if I’m not seeing results?

If you’re not seeing results (which is impossible), you can cancel your subscription at any time, not questions asked.

Are you sending my customers to other stores?

No, we never target your specific customers to go to another store.  2 of our core values are being partner centric and acting with integrity.  Sending customers to another store goes against both of those. Your customers are your customers, no questions asked.

I already have a store app and newsletter, why would 3x3grow benefit me?

Apps and newsletters are great, but that’s marketing to your existing customers.  With Thrive, your marketing reach is on average 41.3x larger than your existing app users and email subscribers combined.

Not sure where to start or which plan is right for you?

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